Lara Stone - warto wiedzieć o niej więcej

Lara Stone - warto wiedzieć o niej więcej

Fresh off her racy Vogue Paris spread, Lara Stone appears a bit more demure in November’s British Vogue. We came across some of the photos from the shoot on the Fashion Spot, and transcribed some of our favorite quotes from Stone’s interview.
On nakedness: “Interviews make me so nervous — I can’t get a sentence out of my mouth. Nudity, I take as part of the job — you get used to it. And I really don’t mind being naked.”
On being sober: “It’s been nearly a year and a half now. I was only 25. And I’m really glad I did it then rather than later, when you have a whole family and you can just ruin so much of your life. My life is so much better. My work, my relationships, my family. Before I was really, really angry about things. I’d be on the phone to my agent screaming and shouting and crying and… everything was panicky.”
On semantics: “The word supermodel makes me think of all the proper supermodels in the Nineties, not about me. They’re the only supermodels — I feel so… unworthy, almost, of that name.”
On her personal style: “I always like to keep it simple. I’m not a stylist, I don’t know which belt goes with which little outfit.”
On her new contract: “Calvin Klein has such an amazing history, and I think the pictures we did are so different from what I normally do. Those contracts don’t come around often. It’s great. It takes away the worry of, am I going to get another job? Is someone going to hire me this season? It settles that.”
On fame: “I don’t think people on the street recognize me ever, and I like that. If I wanted to be recognized every five minutes, I’d hire a publicist.”
On having kids: “Not yet, but I would love to have children some day. I’d like little gay boys. That would be good. I’m terrified of having a little girl. Girls are more evil than boys. And then they have boyfriends.”

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