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White Christmas

Snow.The snowflake in white floats float, snowing.
  Is all building that the silver packs to bind a vegetable everywhere, white must be so pure, bright openly reflect ray of light, in the my eyes then dazzling flicker.This is the akin disposition, fabulous with mankind of similar, we are to be addicted to black of absorb blood devil, bad impression with of the thing of opposition, like white, sunlight, in the daytime and silverware etc., therefore, when people all shout the arrival in winter, but I seem to be to have a little to suppress.
  Time quick, Halloween in the end of autumn and early winter just lead, turned eye Christmas is come.
  Is all flickering and flaring lamps and laterns everywhere, joyful Christmas song, youth's child play around to pursue down the avenue, 35 drink in groups very drunk middle age, make open a personality to shot up to dazzle the young person of dance, noisy of Christmas carnival and gorgeous of parade.The blood clan doesn't have Christmas, I who have never once led Christmas can not help a little bit expecting to it, is an all happy smiling face everywhere in the crowd of the Xi Xi Rang Rang, if my body therein whether can also feel a festal happiness?But what is the happiness ?Thought of I am here hope to watch from a distance nearby of the Dai son of mankind"girl friend", she facial expression with excitements all over the face, the appearance looking in all directions lives to take off to be like a pleased spirit, peace gentle and quiet of she is as if not the same person, probably this is the happiness.
  Everything all seem in the dream occurrence of similar, not so true.I bearer for searching "Rebecca"(female beautiful Bei card), let so much long of oneself two Liao teeth of sharp points become the blood clan of real meaning thus.I also finally had the wish fulfilled and just had never thoughted mine "Rebecca" but was the space Lai Di silk lately, although the Liao tooth has already grown I still could not take her one mouthful blood, but it happened that at this time, the adopted father chooses the Dai son of classmate to do mine "girl friend" again.Is thin to think of me the among the living have already lived more than three months, from the inchoate abhorrence and bad impression, arrive to slowly accept to leading Christmas together with mankind's girl friend now, can not help feeling that having a little is "funny".
  "coach outlet store online!coach outlet store online!Xi!What are you smiling?"Dai son one face innocently looking at me, the small palm wields at my[one] at present strength son ground.
  "Have no, nothing important!"I return to absolute being, live face up lightly smile an idea.
  "Do you know?coach outlet store online, I lead Christmas for the first time."She excitedly says.
  "What?Lead Christmas for the first time?Have you ever done not before and never once lead?"I oddly ask, the in the mind keeps emitting bubble:You are also a blood clan middleman don't become?The mankind still have who have never led Christmas of?Thought of I two eyes be suffused with to have to very naughtily smile an idea here and hold in all seriousness tone to make fun of a way:"H'm!That Dai son has never led Christmas'Special'mankind Luo!"
  She pointed to point me and spoke hesitatingly ground to say:"Be not!BE ……is this ……"
  I suddenly realize think that she is saying to have no and male the friend once led Christmas together, until start to remember afterwards I just understand she at that time the meaning of that sentence, but all of these is empress words.She have but have no of a few words spoken be suffused with to have tiny great waves in my heart, thought of always all to she very apathetic she's in the mind unavoidably have a little sorry and ashamed, immediately dark night generally deep and charming eyes involuntarily the Shan wear gentle and soft Mou light.Is all right, exert to to the utmost be used as a responsibility that the boyfriend should exert today, be like the mankind's common lovers, let her happily and happily spend this Christmas Eve, also let she we more or less can own fine recollection of point after breaking up in the future.
  "coach outlet store online …… coach outlet store online ……" Dai son slightly shook to shake my arm, "BE just thinking what?"She gingerly asks a way, the spring idea on the face depends on sparse if see, be like lose in this winter days of a put on a powder color plum flower.
  "Nothing important!"I return the Mou reports to her with one silk gentleness of smile slightly, she signs a horse abashed lowly head.
  For a long time, the Dai son just stretches hand to pull to pull my dress Jin, she doesn't know when from where change a Christmas gift box, use hands carefully and held to pass to me, slightly say:"coach outlet store online, Merry Christmas!"

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Momentary 2 people got to street up, go first a seed line to purchase various seed, soybean, green lentil, vegetable sponge, corn, pumpkin, wax gourd, taro, eggplant, hot pepper, turnip, bean Cape, cucumber, wrap vegetables, watermelon and cotton with as for the spring onion garlic Chinese chives the etc. all bought a good many.Then turned to turn again, bought two Zao trees, prepared to sow in a domestic animals hospital, can hide Yin in the future and can Shuan domestic animals, also edible a date;Bought two grapes, plan fore the left side in the hospital takes a grape shelf, the summer can enjoy cool air, in autumn edible fruit;Boughted seedlings, such as peach, almond, persimmon, loquat, Lee and pear...etc. again to anticipate to sow in big hospital outside west noodles, at last one small orchard;End again bought a cluster of beauty Jiao and a plum flower to prepare to sow in Anne to send Cui before the window, a champacany puti sows in medium hospital, tenth, each color of stub the chrysanthemum sow in yard outside month quarter.Lead a chapter to always feel, no matter what kind it is difficult time, should not leave out to beautiful of have a passion for and pursue.

    End, and then buy two archduke chickens, four big hen and 20 chickens, this just walk toward back track, conveniently all take the farm implementses ordering to make while passing by blacksmith to spread.

    Is also lucky, just at this time, lead a chapter to unexpectedly see someone to sell sweet potato in the wayside!

    If doing not record is wrong, she remembers sweet potato although as early as ten thousand Lis around decade then through sea road from Luzon(Philippines) led off to stream into Guangdong, Ming Dynasty behind expect, Guangdong, Fukien two province already the big area expansion plants, at Central plains the strong dint expands, should be at Qianlong's period, anyway arrive Qianlong last phase, Chinese the earth has already not had no place to grow sweet potato!But, currently but Kangxi year!By this time of sweet potato, haven't been Central plains spreading, basically of person all incognizant this is what trifle, certainly, also having no several individuals is willing to take a risk to grow.

    Lead chapter greatly elated!Under the coach outlet store online's puzzling look in the eyes, very happy of bought that person's one small pocket sweet potato entirely down.On finding out, just know that person to is the businessman who comes over from the south, the somebody else is a good heart, conveniently take two greatest baskets the sweet potato come over expansion introduction, who know that no man buys Zhang, that person is depressed under, have to will those especially the idea choose of the good kind of Shu roasted to cook to eat and only left this small bag.

    "Is regrettable!Is regrettable!"Lead a chapter to listen to don't already feel sorry for, the double eye puts light and cans not controls feelings to swallow to swallow saliva.

    That person enjoys on seeing and greatly rises the feeling of"bosom friend", surging not and extremely told some kind of injustices, even confiscate her money, very generous of will those 20th, the sweet potato entirely send to she, then again say with smile:"There are still ten catties of or so potatoes in the place that I live, you want don't ?"

    "Want, want!Have how much I want!"Lead the chapter more pleased to hope an outside, favour way:"Where do you live?We take with you!"

    Potato's streaming into time of China has been already disputed and have of say 19th century, have of say 17th century, anyway at least, lead a chapter is having not seen on the market currently!A listen to that person say so, how isn't the ability pleased?

    "Young lady!"coach is a bit upset.

    "coach, don't Suo, turn around quickly!"Lead a chapter to allow of no to give reply in argument an order.

    coach outlet store is most the servant of rules, the young lady has already made and has already contradictorily allowed of no to make, he then has the disaffection of full belly to also have to sigh spirit to promise.

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coach outlet store online

coach outlet store online

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