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        The North Face Outlet ,the world leader in the clothing, equipment and technically advanced outdoor apparel, presents Boundaries know, the new European campaign for safety in the snow.
       Live from November 2011, the initiative from The North Face   know Boundaries consists of an interactive platform which broadcasts for free, in a fun and easy to understand, important information about security in the snow. Aimed primarily for skiers and snowboarders, each section discusses key concepts such as stratification of the snow, avalanches and provides information on basic teachings on the techniques of safe navigation or how to recognize avalanche terrain and signs of unstable snow.
       Each chapter is enriched by videos and tips of the athletes of the Global Team The North Face   (Xavier De Le Rue, Julia Monego, Ian McIntosh, Sage Cattabriga Alosa, Jimmy Chin, Mark Carter, Dana Flahr) and certified mountain guides.
       Since 1968, The Cheap North Face  encourages the spirit of "Never Stop ExploringTM" of outdoor enthusiasts, providing clothing and ski equipment and snowboard advanced technically.
      Campaign Info The North Face  know Boundaries are available in English, French and German on the website
       In Italy, one of the first initiatives developed by The North Face Sale to spread the culture of safety on the slopes, will be held during the winter season 2011/2012 in the Nordica Freeski Tour, an event which will sponsor The North Face   technical.
      At some stages of the tour, fans will be able to participate in Winter Sports Safety Camp. Some free riders and athletes of the team from The North Face   will reveal the secrets of their extraordinary developments in the snow and will pay particular attention to the issue of accident prevention and safety.

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